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McConnel Robocut

McConnel RC40

McConnel's all-terrain remote control work platform boosts safety by removing operators from steep-sided, dangerous and restricted access zones.

Capable of tackling slopes of 55 degrees, the Robocut has a working range of 150m and is up to 25 times more productive than manual cutting.

40hp but very fuel efficient, this machine can work hours on a single tank of fuel, allowing it to thrive in difficult to access rough terrain.

McConnel Robo-Mulch

  • 1.25m cutting width

  • 22 ultra heavy duty hammer flails

  • Unique high-performance rotor allows flails to swing through 360 degrees

  • Hydraulic front hood

  • Reinforced steel push bar

  • 100mm cutting capacity

  • 3000rpm rotor speed

  • 315kg weight

  • +/- 14 degree head angling

McConnel Roboload


RoboLoad features self levelling parallelogram arm geometry, heavy duty build quality and is designed to thrive in potentially hazardous suites such as quarries, culverts and mines.

  • 1.3m working width

  • 1.0m maximum lifting height

  • 300kg lifing capacity

  • Powerful hydraulic rams

McConnel Robo Stump Grinder

Robo Stump Grinder

​The machine can handle tree and bush roots and is ideal for dealing with unwanted stumps in previously inaccessible areas

  • 12 hard-wearing tungsten carbide teeth

  • High-performance 1800rpm rotor

  • 370mm cutting wheel diameter (inc teeth)

  • Automatic head oscillation

  • Reinforced steel protective hood cover

  • Protective skirt

  • 92kg weight

McConnel Robo-Trencher


Ideal for laying pipes or cables. the Trencher will enable operators to dig narrow channels with minimal damage to the ground.

  • Heavy-duty tungsten carbide teeth

  • Digs to a depth of 0.9m and a width of 120mm

  • Adjustable boom angle controls the depth of the trench

  • Reinforced steel safety guard

  • Powerful hydraulic motor

McConnel Rotary Turf Mower

Robo-Rotary Turf Mower
  • 1.5m cutting width

  • Three rotors and six cutting blades

  • Rear discharge of debris

  • Robust steel construction

  • 2200rpm rotor speed

  • +/- 14 degree head angling and floatation

  • 280kg weight

McConnel Robo-Forest

  • 1.25m cutting width

  • 50 hard-wearing tungsten carbide fixed teeth

  • Hydraulic front hood

  • Reinforced steel push bar

  • 100mm cutting capacity

  • 3000rpm rotor speed

  • +/- 14 degree head angling and floatation

  • 355kg weight

McConnel RC28

Robocut RC28

Designed for fine turf applications, the RC28 is smaller, lighter and simply more efficient. The RC28 features a powerful Vanguard 28hp engine with low fuel consumption and low emissions combined with hybrid electric drive to deliver smoot operation. 

  • Low centre of gravity and wide track widths enable working on slopes up to 55 degrees

  • 50/50 weight distribution gives maximum stability and optimum handling on slopes

  • Fully enclosed body panels keep grass and debris out

Energreen RoboEvo

Energreen RoboEvo

Energreen RoboEvo

RoboEVO is a remote-controlled tools-carrier machine able to work in the narrowest areas on slopes up to 55 degrees or where the access is difficult. It is a multifunctional robot equipped with a 40hp Stage V diesel engine and two double effect hydraulic functions. With its power, performances, reliability and strength it is completey differeny from other remote-controlled machines.

The new track profile allows a larger ground contact surface of the machine; the hyraulic tensioning system makes the RoboEVO a safe machine for working on slopes in all directions

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