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Primary Cultivation

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Camac CS Rotavator

This is ideal for small areas for ground preparation from new builds to design changes in established gardens.

Tractor Mounted Rotavator

Wessex Rotavator.jpg

We have a selection of small rotavators that can be used behind our range of compact tractors. These are ideal for situations unmanageable for a pedestrian machine yet too small for larger cultivation solutions.

Blec Stoneburier 1.3m

Blec Stone Burier_edited.png

The BLECavator is a one pass ground preparation tool, cultivating, lifting and screening stones and debris.

  • Buries stones, debris & overgrowth

  • Adjustable screening tines 14-56mm spacing

  • Levels, rakes and rolls in one pass

  • Pulverises clods into a fine tilth

  • Packer roller leaves a firm surface

  • Adjustable packer roller to eliminate ridges

  • Designed for tractors 35-90hp

Blec Box Rake.jpg

Blec Power Box Rake

The Blec Power Box Rake is the perfect landscape construction tool for carrying out cultivating, earth moving, grading and raking. At the heart of the unit is a carbide pointed tooth rotor which contra rotates, pulverising and separating the debris from the soil leaving a clean raked finish. The hydraulic bi-angling rotor windrows unwanted stones and debris and by folding down the side plates all the raked material

Maschio 1.5m Power Harrow


Our 1.5m Power Harrow has been designed for specialised cultivation needs in areas such as vineyards, ameinity and orchards where the width of the machine is important.

As most of the tractors used in these areas are low horse power, this solution is relatively light, plus the specially designed tines allow the soil to be broken up with as little as 30hp on the smaller machines.

Maschio 3m Power Harrow

The Dominator DM Rapido Power Harrow range is designed to suit medium to large sized farms and medium to high horse power tractors ranging from 120-200hp

Main Features:

  • Cat II

  • 21 Spline PTO Shaft with Cam Clutch

  • Pin Adjustment for Rear Roller

  • Rear Levelling Bar with Mechanical Adjustment

  • Rear PTO

  • Stone Deflectors

3m Power Harrow_edited.png
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