Highway Verge Cutting

We have a wide range of vegetation management equipment and have over 25years experience cutting on the highway. 

From local roads to Motorways we have experienced staff who will work with clients to ensure a tailor made solution for almost any situation. We understand in recent years more responsibility has been placed with less people, our experienced management team can help you by offering a complete package organising programs of work, Traffic management and out of hours cover. 

Farm Hedge Cutting

We have built a name for ourselves as the one stop shop for farm hedge cutting. Our drivers are experienced and equipped working both in the field and on the roadside. The wide range of equipment we have makes us ideal for working on hedges that have not been maintained for a long time. Our range of side arm flails include compact tractors and side arm flail, standard reach and long reach machines from 3.5 – 8.5m. We also have Tree shears and multi cut saw heads. 


Over the years tractors have become bigger and with this the size of the ploughs available to us. 

Typically today we offer our Fendt 936 and Kverneland Plough. It doesn’t matter if you need an extra plough working for a couple of days or need someone to plough every year, we are always interested and keen to work with you needs.


Forgotten in favour of spraying for a few years Swathing has become popular again in recent years due to changes in legislation.  Traditionally associated with OSR we have been working with specialist crop growers swathing Borage, Quinoa, Echium and Buckwheat in recent years. We understand some of these crops are time critical and our dedicated team work around the clock to ensure deadlines are kept. 

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