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Dakota 412 Turf Tender

Dakota Turf Tender_edited.png

DAKOTA Turf Tenders are the most versatile, cost-effective, and accurate material spreaders on the market.

 These durable units allow you to cover large areas while maintaining an extremely light footprint so as not to disrupt turf, and are ideal for topdressing sports fields, fairways, and greens.

Designed to save time, eliminate waste, and reduce operating costs, Turf Tenders can also top-dress, fertilize, repair divots, load small top-dressers, fill bunkers, and move a wide variety of materials from the seat of the tractor, without having to replace attachment options.

Rink 1210 Top Dresser

Rink Dresser_edited.png





The Rink 1210 brush top dresser accurately distributes wet or dry materials. The rotating brush on the rear of the unit sprays the material evenly breaking up any clumps in the process. With a 180cm (72") working width, the 1210 is well suited to larger fine turf areas

Turfco Pedstrian Top Dresser

Turfco Topdresser_edited.png




Turfco topdressers offers consistency regardless of ground speed this self-propelled design makes topdressing easy enabling you to maneuver across greens and other turf areas to topdress with any material including compost, sand, peat and crumb rubber.

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