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Winter Maintenance Packages

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In recent years the UK has faced greater extremes of weather, with less predictable weather patterns than ever before. Whenever these events occur the media feast on the lack of resilience planning, calling into question the capability of “Those placed to make decisions”. At Philip Liverton Ltd we understand that you can’t plan for every eventuality, with budgets being squeezed ever tighter the funds are no longer available to purchase equipment on the off chance we may have a hard winter. Our aim is to offer our customers a bespoke service, to meet both need a budget.


Our team monitor the weather throughout the year ensuring we are prepared so that you can sleep easily if or when snow comes. Our round the clock team can support your distribution sites ensuring they are kept open and give your staff and customer a snow free gritted area to park.


Please contact us to help you plan for the unexpected

Gritting Services

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Snow Clearing

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