Aeration Equipment

Toro Procore


The ProCore 648 allows you to aerate more areas in one day with the 122 cm aerating swath and clean up is easier and less labour intensive resulting in less time.

Ground Following sensing system automatically maintains tine depth on the fly to match the ground undulations providing consistent coring depth of up to 10.2 cm.

Variable Hole Spacing gives you more control with variable hole spacing ranging from 3.8 cm to 7.6 cm apart.​

John Deere Arecore


Productivity for aeration equipment is measured in two ways:

  • Square feet per hour

  • The number of holes per square foot

The Aercore 1500 excel in both areas. You can pull as many as 30 cores per square foot. The number of holes per square foot is a variable number based on the ground speed of the tractor. 

The Machine is fitted with large, 6-in. (15.2-cm) diameter roller, which provides better ground clearance and reduces the potential for turf scuffing in undulating areas.

  • 57.5-inch coring swath

  • Flexi-link supporting arm

  • Fiberglass reinforced belts

  • Produces up to 900,000 holes per hour

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Benefits of Verti draining  

Verti draining alleviates compacted soil caused by long periods of continuous use  

It also helps improve the trees surface by improving the soils structure. creating a quicker drying surface along with a better absorption of water from the surface into the drainage system 

Verti draining allows the exchange of gasses in the soil encouraging healthier deeper root growth 

Verti Draining 

Charterhouse Vertidrain


The 7626 is the heaviest and toughest Verti-Drain on the market. It is the ideal machine for the toughest of soil conditions, where a high productivity is needed. It weighs considerably more than the 75-series, and it has a heavier gearbox, PTO and rear roller support. Its adjustments have been made simpler. The tine-depth adjustments are made comfortably from the tractor seat via the hydraulic controls, while the original amount of ‘heave’ on the tine is left intact.

Main features 

  • Hydraulic depth adjustment 

  • 2.6m working width 

  • Heavy duty machine 

Charterhouse Vertidrain


The Verti-Drain 7316 is a very effective machine for use on all areas of your golf course. The 1.6m working width makes this model an ideal size for working on greens and tees. When using faster tractor speeds, it will aerate up to 44,760 square feet per on your fairways. The 7316 has a three-speed gearbox, which will match up to virtually any tractor.

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